Hallbankgate Hub


“Art washes away from the soul the dirt of everyday life.”   Pablo Picasso

Printmakers Exhibition with Polly Marix Evans and Sally Fryer-  – Tuesday 2nd November – 2nd January

Our Printmakers Exhibition features two artists with differing styles and themes.  Polly’s linocuts depict strong female images, often combined with stylised text, to send an empowering message to the viewer.  Her linocuts are inked and burnished by hand, so no two prints are completely identical.  It is this uniqueness that makes each individual print so special.  

Sally Fryer is an artist and gardener based in Castle Carrock. Her life and work is inspired by plants (growing and painting them) and the  landscape where she lives. She works in a variety of media from oil and watercolour, to etching and lino print.

Simon Whalley – Beacon Red – ‘Rewilding your Heart’: 22nd June – 1st August

Simon Whalley is a self-taught nature photographer based in Eden at The ‘Gallery for Nature’, Brougham Hall near Penrith. His artistic work seeks to reconnect the viewer with nature and to encourage everyone to be more involved actively in environmental projects and habitat restoration.

Since April 2020 in an ongoing body of work he has photographed Red Squirrels on the Beacon above Penrith. This exhibition is a culmination of his work to date.

Sarah Reid – Line of Sight 3rd August – 12th September

Sarah Reid is an artist based in Penrith, Cumbria, an ideal base to explore the Lakes, Cumbrian coastline and the Eden Valley, which so inspired her work. Sarah is fascinated by the ever-changing light upon the landscape and our place within it.

Working primarily in pastel, her work captures an emotional response to the scenery and invites the viewer to explore the scene – drawn in by unexpected hints of light and colour, strong lines and bold stripes. Sarah also has a love for 60s/70s kitsch and enjoys sharing her sense of fun with her kitsch inspired ‘Book of Fish’ series and Sylvac inspired still life painting.

Nancy Priest – Tindale: A Sense of Place – 14th September – 31st October

Nancy Priest first came to Tindale on 15th February 1982. It was one of those sparkling, crisp winter days with blue sky, bright sun and bitter cold. Since that first frost-sharp day she has been gently peeling back the layers of Tindale to see what lies beneath.

Over the last few years, she has brought together all that she has found to produce her recently- published book – Tindale – A Sense Of Place. Much of the writing was completed throughout winter months and inclement days with a final burst of determination during the Covid pandemic.
The work on display in this exhibition were specifically made to illustrate the book and contrast strongly with her usual use of paint and narrative.