3 thoughts on “A GIANT STEP

  1. “If I was moving to your area and expecting to stay for a long time, I would buy a house and forget about all this. … The ability to time all this with extreme precision is hopeful. If you have a long-term horizon — say 10 years — it probably won’t matter in the end.”Well Rich, based on what’s now happening I would say you’re in the minority. Anybody that would “simply forget all about this” and jump into the market now, whether to line in or invest, is a fool and deserves to overpay by double-digit percentages.


  2. HadesJak dla mnie powinien być od początku dostępny najpierw 1 level ze scenariusza Ady, potem Leon, Chris itd i na koniec pokazane wszystko co Ada robiła, bo tak sie nieco kupy nie trzyma i 1 lv Ady mówi nam nieco więcej, ale to co powinno być najpierw pronistawdzee.


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